Victory Amina Roza Kaira (SPH g 21 - tortoiseshell links)

Our graduating kitten Victory Amina Roza Kaira (now producer of cattery of "Nudus Deus", Vilnius, Lithuania) our unique daughter in the second dung, on March, 12-13, 2011 visited on the first exhibition in Latvia (Riga), with her owner Ilona Vaitkiene. On this exhibition Viktory Amina got 2 CAC and opening a Champion title the same, and twice got a nomination Best in Show. We wish to Victory Amina and her owner Ilonа Vaitkiene high titles and dizzy victories!

Victory Amina with her owner Ilona Vaitkiene

Dagir Roza Kaira (SPH d 32 - red mink)
Our graduating kitten Dagir Roza Kaira, is a sonny from the third dung, on March 12-13, 2011 visited on the first exhibition of "RUI Cat Show", which was conducted CFC "Lider" (Kharkov), with her owner of Kapliy Irina. On this exhibition Dagir got 2 CAC, and opening the Champion title the same. We wish to Dagir and his owner Irina is desired successes in an exhibition career and bright victories!

On hands for the expert of RUI Olga Korotkonozhkina

Lamira (SFS 71 b 33 21 - chocolate links point)

Our pussy-cat which now is producer of the cattery of "Rollan House"), with her soowner Levanenko Irina:

1) on February 5-6, 2011 visited on the first exhibition under the name "With love to you...", which was conducted KLK "Vladmines" (Donetsk), got 2 CAC and opened the Champion title the same.

2) on March, 5-6, 2011 visited on the second exhibition under the name the "March cat", which was conducted KLK the "Cheshirskiy cat" (Odessa), got a 1 CAC and closing the Champion title  the same  and 1 CACIB, and opened Inter the Champion title  the same.

We wish to Lamira and soowner Irina is desired the brightest victories and endless successes. 

Amour Roza Kaira (SPH w 66 - white mink)
Our graduating kitten Amour Roza Kaira (now producer of nursery of "Isida", Moscow) the unique sonny in our first dung:  

1) on March 6-7, 2010 visited on the first exhibition the "Spring tunes" in to Moscow, with his owner Korganova Irina. On this exhibition he got a 2 CAC and opened a Champion title the same, 2 occupied place of Best Opposite Sex and took bun audience likings.  

2) on July 10-11, 2010 on an exhibition in to Moscow under the name "Summer opening Day" (FC ALICE, KLK "Gold Domes") he got the third CAC, and closed the Champion title the same and 1 of CACIB, opening Interchempion title.

We wish to Amour, his owner Korganova Irina and proprietress of cattery Ostrovskaya Larisa high titles and grandiose victories!

Amour with proprietress of cattery "Isida"Ostrovskaya Larisa

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