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Freya Roza Kaira - female (0,1)
w 62 (white with golden eyes)
Moscow, Russia
Larisa Ostrovskaya
cattery "Isida"

Lady with first seconds of life. It is yet and small though, but very graceful. It very thinly and insistingly gives all to understand that to argue and fight with it for a mother nipple does not stand, because the victory will be after it however much.

Fabia Roza Kaira - female (0,1)
h (chocolate tortoiseshell)
She is a not cat, but little monkey probably. She is small though yet, but already does attempts with own "hands" to untwist anything, move away, take two hands mother tail or finger of hostess and to push in him to itself in a mouth.

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tel. mob. +38 (067) 284-27-09,
tel. home 0 (629) 52-66-94

for calls from Russia: 

8 58 380 (629) 52-66-94


Also contacting with us is possible on Scype, and to see Your future kitten in the mode on-line. 
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