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Welcome to the world of fairy-tales, riddles, exotic things, refinement, refinement and beauty!

   On this site you will find on your own much interesting, and can and know that, whatever was before known. In our nursery you will be always able to purchase the kitten of the followings breeds: Canadian sphinx, Scottish-fold and Scottish-stright and to get the detailed consultation on maintenance of these breeds. 

   Our cattery is created in 2008, is in Mariupol. A cattery recently got International status and registration in International League of Lovers cats and in WCF (# 091 from 12.07.2010). It is the member of Donetsk Regional Club of lovers cats of "Lucky Star" in Mariupol.

   Basic activity is breeding of the Canadian Sphynx, Scottish fold and Scottish stright. By the purpose of cattery, there is a leadingout of posterity which excels the parents on standards, and also withdrawal from breeding animals of worst quality.
   I will tell the history of appearance cats of such breed, as the Canadian sphynx in our family. As I knew that are not only woolen cats  but also bald, will not remember now, or saw on an exhibition, or in the internet, but result seen was obvious, I began passionately to dream about this "fluffy" wonder. And after three years of my dreamings, I decided to carry out the dream. Why so long - I will explain. 
   At first, I could not be determined in a breed, what I want all the same, whether the Don sphinx, whether Canadian sphуnx, whether Piterbold, and then in general hardly not decided on Ukrainian Levkoy. On beginning they all for me were simply bald cats, but when I began to study fenotip these as though identical, but at the same time of different breeds, I stopped the choice exactly for CANADIAN SPHУNXES, very noble for them "person". Then a question became with the choice of color. At first I wanted Canadian sphynx of black color, after tortoiseshell. But in 2007 on the exhibition of cats I saw the little kitten of the Canadian sphynx of white color I understood that here he is a that color which needs me. When snow-white, little, wrinkled wonder, wonderful standard a girlie looked at me enormous, as a lake by eyes, the world turned over me, I had understood, here it is MY CAT, and farther continuing searches is not needed. So the cat of breed  the Canadian sphynx appeared for me - SEMIRAMIDA ILLY RUAZ (cattery of «EL-BAHRI»), grandchild famous cat Aztec Baringa of Ruaztec and world champion Apache Danaya Sphynx. At home we name our princess SIMA.
   Now in a cattery there are 2 cats of breed the Canadian sphynx and 1 cat of breed Scottish stright.
   Similarly in our plans is an increase of nursery for an account:  
   - acquisition or abandonment in the nursery of new cats of the best blood lines;
   - entering into the cattery of new members, which are ready in earnest and responsibly to go near work on the leadingout of cats of the best quality which will excel the parents.

   Children from our cattery live in such countries as Russia (Moscow, Sochi, Kirishi), Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga), Tunis (Tunis) and naturally Ukraine (Mariupol, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhia, Kiev, Ivano-Francovsk, Kupyansk, Sevastopol and other). From them in the catteries "ISIDA" (Moscow) and "NUDUS DEUS" (Vilnius) are for 2th our graduating cats. We are very pleasant to co-operate with those people which indeed want to save the real type of the Canadian sphynx.

   We are sincerely glad, when our graduating cats get excellent results on the international and world exhibitions of different countries.

   By respect,
   Feline Breeder
   Isakova Victoria.

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