Scottish Stright
Body: The medium to large sized cat is muscular and stocky. Chest, shoulders and back are broad and massive. 
The legs are short and muscular, the paws are thick and round.
The tail is of medium length, reaching at least to the shoulders. It ends in a rounded tip. It should not have thickened areas or stiffness and should be fully flexible up to the tip.
The neck is short and solid.

Head: The head is rounded, massive, broad with a firm chin. The nose is short, broad and straight.
The profile is curved (without a stop). The cheeks are full and round.
The large, round whisker pads give definition to the short, pronounced muzzle.

Ears: The ears are small and average, narrowly opened, stright with slightly sharp tags, but wide in foundation, widely and highly put. Tags are hardly divorced. The outward surfaces of ears are well covered with. Inwardly dense and magnificent brushes. 

Eyes: The eyes are large and round. They are wide set. 
Eye colour corresponds with the coat colour. 

Coat: The coat is short and very dense, standing off from the body. It is plush, due to substantial undercoat. The texture is crisp, not woolly.

Colour: varieties All colours, patterns with any amount of white and pointed colours with Siamese points without white are recognized. The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

     - Inflexibility in any part of the tail is a severe fault. 
     - ears not lying flat to the skull
     - profile with stop

Scale of points:

Body - 10 points 
Tail - 15 points 
Head - 15 points 
Ears - 30 points 
Eyes - 15 points 
Coat texture and colour - 10 points 
Condition - 5 points

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