Litter "F"
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From a pair:
                 Mother                                                                Father
        ICH Semiramida Illy Ruaz                                        WCH Archibald
   color: w 64 (white with green eyes)                               color: n (black)
both parents are carriers of a color & choсolate genes  (it is tested on litters)
23.03.2011 were born 1 male & 4 females:

Fairy Tale Roza Kaira - female (0,1)
w 62 (white with golden eyes)
Moskowskaja obl., Serpuhovo-15
Valentina Kolodko
Little fairy-tale. It is interested by all around, beginning from a mother tail and concluding outward things. The fearless and brave goes to secret service of the always first. But at the same time of caress for it though pour off.

Faraon Roza Kaira - male (1,0), n (black)
Kirishi, Leningradskaya obl., Russia
Belova Elena

An independent boy, unique among the harem of girls, he love attention and caress. He already looks at the world such serious eyes in the so young age and it seems that he knows everything and about all.

Felisa Roza Kaira - female (0,1)
w 62 (white with golden eyes) 
Riga, Latvia
Lando Irina

Smart girl and suck-up, she has time to take a walk and eat. Very playful (practically from first-ever days adores to lie on the back and swing paws trying to catch something invisible, that evidently only to it).

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